Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, June 6, 2009

Blog Day 1
Well, I am guilty of creating this................we decided there was a need and want to express and
confirm our well-being to each other and as often or as little as we felt the desire to!
And under the pretense that it is purely to keep in touch, when we are not working or dining
with each other. It was suggested that the game of "you're it" was one way to force
communication when we are void of girl chat.
Now, in saying that, Julie is not on-line, I think that we should insist that she share her
thoughts and compulsions with Elaine............sorry Elaine, but, you are her close bud!!!
If any one wants to change anything about this d--- thing, I say...... have at it!
Any or all feelings may be presented on this blog given the opportunity.
Nuff said!
So, who's going to step up to the plate?

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